Exodus our universe

Metaverse Partnership

Lunatics Token X Exodus: Our Universe

Lunatics Island will be a very exclusive location. While the island was created to house all of the Lunatics, we welcome everyone that wants to be part of an amazing community!
The island will contain a very limited number of plots, 4900 to be exact! The island itself will be 20 sq. KM with a 4 sq. KM city.
Want to be a farmer? Get yourself a farming plot and Blueprint and farm! Race track enthusiast? Drag strip specialist? The Island will have those too! Don't want neighbors? Combine multiple plots together to give yourself space. Want to be at the heart of the action? Those plots will be made available as well. These are just a few of the very exciting things Lunatics Island will have.
Rentable watercraft will be available as well. Jetski, boats, waterskis inner tubes, wakeboards etc. Everything you need to have a great time on the water at Lunatics Island!
Beach bars, huts and cabanas will keep you cool in the hot sun! Want to check out the island, while relaxing? Jump on the lazy river and enjoy the surroundings! Helicopter tours, zip lining adventures are some of the amazing things to consider while on Lunatics Island!
Remember, inside of Exodus: Our Universe, the possibilities are endless! Meet people at a club, have a pint with your friends at the bar. Take in the scenery, enjoy everything the Island has to offer.
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