Lunatics Wallet Feature


Splash screen

This screen would open once the user clicks on the app icon to open up the app. On the next screen, users will see the options:

  1. Create new wallet

  2. Import a wallet

Create new wallet

This will allow users to create a new wallet.

A 12-word passphrase will be generated that users copy and verify to move ahead a get a new wallet.

If after accepting the terms & conditions button, users click on back button, they would again need to accept them to proceed further.

Wallet Name

Before proceeding further, users would need to add a "Wallet Name" which will be associated with their wallet. They can edit that later.

Note: Without adding any wallet name, users will not be able to go to next screen.

Security PIN

If a user logged in and closes the app: In this case, the user needs to enter and verify their 4 digit PIN or Biometric verification.

Your Secret Phrase

Users will see the 12 number secret phrase that they need to copy and save it somewhere safe.

Verify secret phrase

Enter the secret phrases that users saw on previous screen. Paste option shouldn't be available on this screen. Users would need to manually select the secret phrases in the correct order. In case of wrong selection, we will display the error to the users.

Import wallet

This feature will help those users who already have a crypto wallet. They can use this feature to import their existing wallet in the app along with their funds.

Coin Specific Page (BTC, BNB, ETH)

The user will be able to send and receive assets to another wallet address and the own wallet respectively. Along with this, users can also view transaction history.


This feature will be used to send the funds to other wallet addresses.


Users will be able to receive the balance into their wallet.


This screen allows users to swap Crypto to Crypto Via Uniswap (for ERC20 tokens) and Pancakeswap (for BEP20 tokens).


It will support ETH and BSC based Decentralized App.

  1. Staking section

  2. Yield Farming

  3. DEX

  4. Search


The user can set their preferences and customize their wallet from this page.


Users will receive the notification/push notifications on their devices.

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